K-12 Meal Programs






Student Sampling

We are excited to provide your students and staff with a sampling of our product based on your program needs. Schedule your taste sampling today at hello@unity-meals.com or call 818-435-8077.


We set up a site visit to review your facilities and customize an operations plan. We partner with our districts to customize a menu your students will love, and support equipment needs such as holding cabinets, milk coolers, and paper goods.

Launch & Support

The week prior to service we have a kick off meeting with your team to go over important details, and program essentials for a successful launch. We work closely with each site to accommodate your onsite daily delivery schedule and needs. We are they with you every step of the way to make sure we have a successful launch, and continued support!

Ongoing Support Services

Unity Meals will continue to support your program with Daily Production Records, AR Audit Support, Compliance Staff Training, and Marketing assistance to promote your program.

Menus inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles...